Typically, home inspections are performed by buyers once an offer has been accepted, however, as a seller there are several reasons why you should consider a pre-listing home inspection, here they are:



If you choose to get a home inspection before selling your home, you can help eliminate a good deal of stress.  A home inspection will uncover any issues there may be with your home, and allow you to address them before listing.  This will help to remove any uncertainty regarding high cost repairs that may need to be done to close the sale, and allow you to make them on your own timeline.



Having a pre-listing inspection will help you and your agent better understand how to correctly price your home.  If you have major issues behind the scenes that you are not ready to fix prior to the sale, being transparent and factoring them into the price of your home will help keep sales from falling apart down the road.



Pre-listing home inspections speed up the sales process by removing any need for renegotiation, and making sure that any major projects are tackled right off the jump! A pre-listing home inspection can also help to eliminate any doubt a buyer may have about the home. Knowing that the home has already been examined and that there are no problems allows the buyer to make a confident offer.


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