10 things a (great) real estate agent does for home buyers.

  1. Help you get pre-approved

A good agent has a good network of top mortgage professionals that they can refer you to.

Make sure to collect at least three from your agent and interview them to determine who and what will work best for you.

  1. Help you find the right neighbourhood

A good agent will not be confined to one square city block, they will have inside knowledge and hands-on experience in every neighbourhood with the city and surrounding municipalities.

Your agent should know about schools, community centres, crime rates, market fluctuations, overall neighbourhood demographics, and amenities.

Make sure when you are interviewing your Realtor® you are asking the about their experience and knowledge of key area’s you are considering.

  1. Help you find the right home

Looking for a home can be fun, emotionally draining and yes, stressful.  Your agent should NEVER try to convince you to buy a property you are unsure of, or speed you along your decision-making process.

Make sure that on viewing day your agent meets you / picks you up with print outs of all the homes you are going to be viewing that day and is knowledgeable about the area(s) you are going to visit.

As a side note, a good agent is not going to say too much when you are viewing homes – it is your choice after all, and they should remain relatively silent until you start asking questions.

  1. Negotiate an offer

This is the agents time to really shine on your behalf.

Once you find a home you want to purchase, you’re a good agent will research comparable homes in the area and what they sold for.  After factoring current market conditions, and condition of the home your agent will advise you of what their research has shown to be the best offer for you to make.

Remember, your agent represents you!  Not the seller of the property.  If you ever feel you or your interests are being misrepresented, it’s likely time to hire a different agent.

  1. Communicate

By this time you will know if your agent is a good or bad communicator, if they are a bad communicator, get rid of them (at step one).  If they are a good communicator they will be in touch with you about when the offer will be submitted, how the offer presentation went, and what feedback comes from the side of the seller.

Remember, communication is KEY from a good agent.

  1. Help you hire a home inspector

Jut as a good agent will have a number of trusted mortgage professionals in their network, they will also have a number of home inspectors for your referral.

Make sure to interview each home inspector and make sure to ask for qualifications and depth of inspection.

As a side note:  A good agent will not try to convince you to pass on a home inspection.  If they do this, they do not have your best interest in mind.

  1. They will attend a home inspection

A good agent will clear their calendar and be present during a home inspection.  Again, your Realtor® has one main job – to represent your best interests – being present at the home inspection will ensure that the inspector has done a thorough job, and addresses any issues that you laid out as being important to you.

  1. Negotiate any home inspection repair issues

No home is perfect, so there is likely to be an issue or two uncovered in the home inspection.  A good agent will help you obtain any quotes for repairs and negotiate a new price based on the repair cost.

9.  Communicate to the sellers agent and attorney throughout the sale

There is quite a bit that needs to happen from the moment you decide you want to make an offer on a home to your possession date.

A good agent will keep the lines of communication open with all other parties involved to make sure that the sale is on track and the process is being followed accordingly.  Any misstep may cause delays, heart ache and head ache.

  1. Thank you

Saying ‘thank you’ is not just good manners for a Realtor®, it is a quality that determines good agents from greedy ones.

A good agent will not only say thank you, but may send you a card or give you a small gift as token of appreciation for your business.


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