5 Tips to make your kitchen look more expensive

Ready to make your kitchen look magazine ready?  Here is a quick list of 5 quick tips to make your home look more expensive…


Often a forgotten element, updating your kitchen faucet is a great and inexpensive way to add a high-end touch to the heart of your home.  To add elegance, look for a curved spout with removable head to add functionality to good looks.



Replacing outdated fluorescents or capped lighting is a designers go-to when wanting to updated a room.  When it comes to the kitchen look at recessed lighting or pendant lighting.  Pendant lighting should only be hung where it will not interfere with your kitchen functionality (IE: should not obstruct the ability to open cabinets).  TIP:  Make sure to tie in your kitchen lighting to the overall feel of the room & your home.  For example, if your home is ultra modern use ultra modern lighting.  If your home is more traditional, be sure to use a traditional pendant light in your decorating scheme.



Updating your cabinet hardware could be one of the most cost-effective ways to update the room.  Using gold or brass knobs will add a touch of true elegance and make your cabinets look more expensive.





Organization and cleanliness are top-tips when it comes to decorating any room, and your kitchen is no exception.  For absolute refinement, keep counters clean, clear and looking polished at all times.  Placing a few trendy storage canisters on your counters may demonstrate use and functionality, while keeping things clean.  Remember, the kitchen is the heart of your home, it should not look cold, uninviting or unused.



A backsplash ties any kitchen together and is a great way to make your room not only look more expensive, but finished.  If you lack a handyman’s touch, check out great peel and stick backsplash options at any of your local home improve


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