5 Tips to make your living room look more expensive

Often over-looked, the living room takes a back seat when it comes to most peoples decorating…Don’t make this mistake!  Although the kitchen, bedroom and bath are key focal points of any home, the living room is often where memories are made and families come together, so make yours count!


Drapes, pillows and throws – oh my!

When it comes to adding a touch of high end to your living area, don’t skimp on textiles.  When it comes to hanging curtains, your living area will lend itself well to something airy and light – and be sure that it hangs to the floor.

Pillows should be a combination of bold pattern, subtle pattern and simple.  TIP:  If department store pillows give you sticker shock, head to a local fabric store and invest in remnant fabric and a small sewing kit, (this may be a little more work, but trust us, it’s well worth the effort).

Finally, throws.  An oversized, beautiful throw can make a room look more luxurious and expensive when draped over a sofa or armchair.



Opt for a large, less expensive rug over a smaller expensive one every time.  Large (even oversized) rugs will not only make your living area more comfortable, but will make it look larger and lavish.




Nothing brings down the feeling of sophistication and luxury in a living space.  If a large scale hutch, or fancy mirrors are not in your decorating budget, minimize the presence of your television by creating a gallery wall, or large art display’s around it.



Matchy-matchy is a no-no in any room, but on the polar opposite end, inviting home every piece of home décor and piling it in your living room will make the room look cluttered, busy and messy.  Keep your decorating simple, and easy to see past.  Your home décor should not distract from the look of your room, but enhance it’s natural style and appeal.  If in doubt, throw it out!



Large scale art is a great way to not only add interest to your living area but will make it look more expensive.  The look of an over-sized art piece is chic, and offers high impact with very little effort.


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