5 Tips to make your bedroom look more expensive

Sure, we all want a bedroom that looks like its taken from the pages of a home décor magazine, and the great news is…You don’t have to break the bank to get the bedroom of your dreams.


Nothing can run down a room as fast as clutter!

If you want to create the best bedroom (or any room) that you possible can, get rid of your clutter and instead add beautiful storage bins, chests of drawers and nightstands to hold all of the items you just can’t seem to be rid of – or, pack them up and put them in the garage.



Any light in your bedroom, whether it’s from the ceiling, a sconce or a table lamp should provide a soft coating of light in both day and night.

For ceiling lights, nothing adds a posh feel like a beautiful well-hung chandelier in the bedroom and sets the tone elegance.

When it comes to table lamps, update your look with new modern lampshades, and reduce the bulb



If you only make one change to your bedroom décor, make it cozy!  Overstuffed pillows (and lots of them), thick woolly comforters, and toasty throw blankets are the best ways to not only make your bedroom look great, but make it feel great too!



Rugs are good, but sometimes bedroom floors are cast as storage space for extra pillows, blankets and laundry. If you want an expensive looking and functional bedroom, it’s time to stop using your floor as a storage space, and pick up your piles of laundry.




Furniture shines it’s best in any bedroom, for a lavish feel in your room invest in spectacular head boards, nightstands and a great chest of drawers.  Any style will do here, (whether its antique, modern, traditional, etc), just make sure that it’s beautiful and well put to


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