What Real Estate Agents do Behind the Scenes (when selling your home)

The things that your Realtor® is doing behind your back is what will get your home sold, while keeping you away from stress, worry and uncertainty.  The right agent always has your back.

  1. Preparation & Planning
  • Analyzing local real estate market data and trends to set the right price for your home. Pricing too high leaves your home stagnant on the market.  Pricing too low leaves money on the table.
  • Designing, developing & delivering an optimal marketing plan to reach prospective buyers – specific to your home. An agent cannot and should not use the same plan to sell a 600 sq.ft condo as they would an 12,000 sq.ft luxury beach home.
  • Setting up a straight forward and proven showing system to schedule buyer visits to your home. It’s simple; if buyers cannot see your home, they are unlikely to buy your home.

Putting Your Best Interests First – ALWAYS!

  1. Putting Your Best Interests First – ALWAYS!
  • There is no exception to this. An agent MUST always keep their client best interest’s top priority.  If you feel your agent is not, its time to find a new agent.
  • Suggesting ideas or making recommendations regarding the best course of action to get your home sold MUST always be made with thinking how it will affect YOU, and not how it will affect them.
  • Your agent is going to have your back each and every step of the way through the sale of your home. Your Realtor® will be on top of the buyers agent until after the inspection period has passed.


  1. Scrutinize & Analyze
  • Once you receive an offer on your home, your agent is going to scrutinize the buyers offer and financing. What can be worse than moving forward with an offer only to learn that the buyer cannot obtain a mortgage to buy your home?  (The answer, passing on a qualified offer from another buyer who has since moved on).
  • Being present for home inspections. This gives your agent an immediate knowledge of what is going on and the ability to analyze the inspections results and make any necessary recommendations to you.
  • Scrutinizing every offer and counter offer is extremely important as a good eye and keen mind can save you thousands on a sale.

What your realtor does behind your back

  1. Keeping you Stress Free (as possible)
  • Your Realtor® knows that selling a home can be stressful, even disrupting to your life. It is their job to keep stress at bay and out of your line of vision.  A good Realtor® should always be reachable and be ready to answer and address any of your questions or concerns through the home selling process.

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