What Real Estate Agents do Behind the Scenes (when buying a home)

The things that your Realtor® is doing behind your back is what will land you in the perfect home.  Keep in mind, there is no charge to buyers to use a Realtor® to buy a home and the right agent always has your back.  Keep a professional in your corner ready to fight for your best interests.

investment property tips

  1. Purposeful Previewing
  • You may not need the services of a Realtor® to browse property listings on MLS and agent websites, however, an experienced agent is going to dig deeper than looking at pictures online. They will research flood zones, past home issues, and more.
  • Staying on top of new listings by visiting them in person is a major role of the Realtor®. A good Realtor® will spend time previewing new listings on a regular basis to make sure they know what exactly is being offered, as well keep them informed with what is going on in the market and neighbourhoods they serve.
  • Researching the details of neighbourhoods, strata complexes, crime rates and schools are key elements to a great agent. As the saying goes, you can change the house but no the location – so make sure your agent is able to answer questions about each neighbourhood you are interested in and make recommendations based on your needs.


  1. Putting Your Best Interests First – ALWAYS!
  • There is no exception to this. An agent MUST always keep their client best interest’s top priority.  If you feel your agent is not, its time to find a new agent.
  • Your agent is going to have your back each and every step of the way through the purchase of your home. Being available to answer questions, address concerns and voluntarily provide you a deep understanding of real estate are key roles of a qualified agent.

3. Knowledge and Paperwork



  1. Knowledge and Paperwork
  • Knowing the right amount to offer for a home is key to winning the deal. Your Realtor® will advise you on the best price to enter negotiations, and guide you through the give & take process.
  • Crossing all T’s and dotting all I’s is paramount to creating an offer and entering into a contingency contract. One slip can easily cost the sale, and the loss of buying your dream home.


  1. Keeping you Stress Free (as possible)
  • Your Realtor® knows that buying a home can be stressful. It is their job to keep stress at bay and out of your line of vision.  A good Realtor® should always be reachable and be ready to answer and address any of your questions or concerns through the home buying process.

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