Quik tips to sell your home fast

No one wants to have their house on the market a long time and we all know that the first impression is the one that counts. So how do you get YOUR house noticed first by prospective buyers? Try these tips to increase your chances of selling your house…


Clean up the outside, both front AND back, of the house. For example, paint doors and window trim, keep yard trimmed, and add little touches like flowers.


Clean the inside of your home, beyond the daily cleaning. For example, scrub kitchen cabinets, shampoo the carpets, and if needed, paint the rooms.


Paint the rooms neutral colors. Prospective buyers will want to change the house anyway, so give them a space that they can make their own.


Declutter!  This is huge in selling a house. This allows the prospective buyer the room to  imagine their furniture in your house.  If you have a lot of furniture or big pieces, consider temporarily put them in storage.


And last, but not least,



Present your house as “homey”. When showing your home, try playing relaxing music, lighting candles,and even having cookies available.

Remember, the more the potential buyer feels comfortable in your house, the more likely they are to buy it!


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