Things you DO NOT want to speak of when selling your home

Loose lips sink ships (try saying that fast three times), and when it comes to selling your home what you say may very well hurt you.


#1:  Although you do want to talk openly & honestly about your neighborhood, you do not want to share gossip about your neighbors.  Falling into defaming conversations about the people you share a community with will only cause you harm – after all, who wants to live next to nincompoop?


#2: Don’t say something your home is when it isn’t.  If your roof is 20 years old, don’t say that it’s new.  If your windows are old and drafty, don’t say that they are the latest and greatest in energy efficiency.  If your home needs updates, be honest!  Lies = lawsuits (and bad karma).


#3: Don’t talk about price; your agent is there to get you top dollar, use your agent to negotiate the price or you might end up cutting yourself short by saying too much.


#4: Now that the market has shifted, and prices are adjusting your house may not sell in less than a day. Don’t talk about your motivation and reasons why you are selling, if you come off as over-anxious or in a panic to sell, you are likely to leave money on the table.


#5: Do talk about any reno’s that you have done, but do not speak about in terms of getting 100% of your money back – because you likely won’t.  Fact: When you are considering selling, and renovations need to be done, know that you are doing your ren’s to stand out in the crowd and to present better than homes that have not underwent upgrades.  The truth of the matter, when you are doing reno’s to sell, watch your nickles and dimes because you may not even get 50% of your money back on the sale.


At the end of the day, when you are selling your home always stay positive about your neighbors, your community and your motivations.





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