3 tips to sell your tenant occupied home

A tenant occupied property is more difficult to sell than an owner-occupied property.  Aside from the 24 hour showing notice, your tenant is likely to not have your property in show-home ready condition; dishes piled up in the sink, dirty floors and bad odors are just some of the issues you may be up against…Depending on the tenant, you may be facing outright sabotage.

Here are three simple tips, to avoid tenant interference:

  1. Make sure that before you even put the home on the market, you set the stage with the tenant. Let them know you are going to be selling, and what you expect from them.  Answer their questions, and let them know what to expect during the sale (people walking through the home, people driving by and slowing down to peek at the home, etc)
  2. Enlist the services of your agent to represent you at showings. No never know what your tenant is going to say to potential buyers and buyer agents.  Always know, your agent is there to always represent your best interest.
  3. Be sure that you and your agent can get into the home prior to listing, and note any major damages that your property may be suffering from, and obtain quotes for the cost of repair, for example; holes in the walls, new floors, new paint, cleaning service.

Bonus Tip:  Always be sure to take the advice of your agent when selling your tenant occupied property.

Good luck!




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