Backyard Activities to Enjoy Right Now

For when perfected your outdoor garden and are ready to enjoy.



Summer is on its way and warmer temperatures have us running outside to enjoy any space we have. Whether you’re working with a fire escape patio or a wide open backyard, we’ve rounded up plenty of ways to work with what you have. Read on—the perfect outdoor activity awaits.


As urban food deserts spread, people are turning to their backyards and roofs to host their own mini-poultry farm. The low cost of chicks and the high cost of eggs might be attractive to first time chicken farmers, but they are still animals. Just like our pets, chickens need proper care to stay healthy.



Hammocks have left the campground and entered our patios. Early summer launches have seen luxe macrame at Anthropologie to affordable options at IKEA to change up your WFH space.

Those with less space can opt for an outdoor version of the boho swing chair, for a space-saving version of the vacation staple.



We’re all doing our part to save the bees, planting flowers and plants that will help attract and boost the population, but for those ready to take the next step and foster a hive, beekeeping isn’t as hard as it looks.

Beekeeping isn’t just for the honey, either. Owning bees can help give a boost to your garden, provide propolis, wax and other by-products for health and home, and serve as a science lesson during homeschooling.





Whether you’ve been sucked into the tie-dye trend or are looking for a classic shibori, hand dyeing slipcovers, curtains, or napkins can is a fun way to customize your home goods and enjoy outdoor space. All you need are a few buckets, a clothesline, and good idea.



Extra square-footage in your yard? A fresh coat of paint and upgraded lighting can upgrade a tool shed into a she-shed or a home office space.

If you have the space, but not the structure, Amazon can ship you a DIY tiny home kit. Ranging from storage sheds to guest homes, the kits come with everything you’ll need to build an at-home escape.


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