Metro Vancouver approves 3.5% increase to property taxes next year

But the average levy for each household could rise from $574 this year to $952 by 2026

Metro Vancouver passed a budget for 2022 that will see the average household pay an extra $21 for the regional portion of their property tax bill — but with much higher increases projected in future years. 

“It is unlikely that Metro Vancouver residents will tolerate significant tax increases,” said Metro Vancouver vice-chair Linda Buchanan. 

“We simply have moved these costs into the future years.”

The budget will see the average bill for water, waste and other services provided by the regional government go from $574 in 2021 to $595 next year, as part of a $1.107 billion operating budget. 

The increase was $17 less than originally projected, but with major upgrades to wastewater treatment plants underway, that yearly figure is forecasted to rise to $952 in by 2026. 

“I believe staff did make some progress in supporting our fiscal position … but this progress must continue,” said Buchanan.  

Metro Vancouver is overseen by mayors and councillors from across the region, and while many of them voiced their concerns over the looming increases, the budget ended up passing unanimously, with pledges to find ways of lowering the tab in future years. 

“Metro is us, we are Metro,” said West Vancouver Mayor Mary-Ann Booth. 

“Well if that’s the case, we have to work together to solve some of these issues.”


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